The Steele Family
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Laysan Bay Farm is a small family-owned farm designed and built by the Steele Family to be unique in the poultry industry. The Steele Family has been raising wild waterfowl for over 30 years as a hobby and has received several breeder awards.

Our daughter, Mary Catherine, has had a love for chickens for quite some time and has been selling her eggs locally from her chickens she raises at her home. In order to help Mary Catherine pursue her desire to develop her egg business, we have developed a state of the art facility which houses 250 Ameraucana chickens. Mary Catherine has named all 250 chickens.

You get an all-natural egg from a small locally owned farm with limited quantities. We do not import eggs from other farms. Ameraucana chickens produce light blue, tan, and light green eggs. The color has no impact on the taste.

Premium Quality with
No GMO’s
Available Exclusively

Here at Our Farm

Large Grade A with 0 carbs & Under 70 Calories

Try These Fun Laysan Bay Organic Egg Recipes

Tours: If you are interested in touring our operation, please contact us.